Wines of America

Who We Are

Wines of America believes fine wine does not have to be expensive and proves it with our Grand American line of wines. Our Grand American wines are specially produced by Wines of America for the American palate owe both their high quality grapes and sensible price to grapes specifically developed to provide fine flavor and high yield in America soils and climates. The result is fine wines, yet without the mystery of foreign languages or the confusing myth of certain wines for certain foods.

Wines of America also produces some of the world's finest Icewines. Our premier Icewine is made from Vidal grapes and noted the best in the world along the shores of Lake Erie and prized by many around the globe.

Wines of America also partners for grapes with California, Washington State and New York finger lakes region vineyards to round out it's offerings.

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Contact Us

Wines of America (U.S. Wine Operations)
P: +1 412 238-8528
C: +1 202 805-0918

China Operations
张春玲 区域经理
Chunling Zhang
C: +86 152 2013 7915

Japan Operations
宮本 清香(さやか)
Sayaka Miyamoto
C: +81-90-5947-0754

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New store opening soon!

Follow us on Wines of America FB page for updated tasting locations.

Taking our wines to China

Our Chinese partner Chunling is working hard to introduce our wines in China!

Pittsburgh Home and Garden show

Come join us at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden show March 1 - 10, we will have all our wines and jellies! follow us on FB for show specials and discounts.

Spot Light

Wine tasting and Jazz at Pepper N'AT in Braddock. All had a great time, good wine, good music, good friends. The favorites this night were the Petite Sirah, Chardonnay and the Grand American Red.

Follow us on Wines of America FB page for updated tasting locations.

Ice Wine

This years special edition Ice Wine comes in a beautiful laser engraved bottle that was inspired by Yo-Yo Ma.


We are working with Lawrenceville Distilling Co. to create the perfect Brandy for our Port Wine. To be able to offer the best Port wine possible we will be making the base wine on site.

Spot Light

Today we had the great honor to introduce our wines to world famous cellist yo-yo ma. if your wondering, the chardonnay and the ICE WINE were his favorites.

HOUSE wine

HOUSE wine is coming soon to a fraternity near you. HOUSE wine was developed for fraternities and is also great for parties, receptions, and reunions. HOUSE wine comes in two flavors, Concord and Niagara. HOUSE wine is fermented to 18% Alcohol and comes in 18L bag in a box, 3L pouch & 750ml Bottles. Contact Stephen at (724) 640-1322 for ordering information.

Award Winning Jelly

We produce and sell award winning jelly made with love by Diane from the grapes on our vineyard.
Concord Grape Jelly
Seedless Blackberry Fruit Preserves
Rasberry Jalapeno Fruit Preserves
(great with cream cheese -n- crackers and eggs!)
Contact Diane at (412) 580-9413 for ordering information.

Spreading The Cheer

We are working hard to share our experience internationally through a number of export and distributer partners around the world. We realize that different cultures may have different wine preferences and we will help you create your own unique experience. Whether you want to distribute our label or create your own, we will work with you to meet your needs. We can custom label our bottles and we can fine tune our wine to meet your local tastes. For larger pre-order sales we can adjust color, sweetness, and alcohol content.

Chessmans Estates

Chessmans Vineyards has produced world class grapes since 2009. Our 144 acre vineyard is located in Northern Pennsylvania on the shore of Lake Erie. The glorious Lake Erie, the ideal climate, and the rocky soil that was brought to the vineyards over thousands of years from glaciers forming the Great Lake Erie have developed a terroir noted for high quality grape production and tremendous vintages.

Veteran Fund Raiser

Wines of America have teamed up with Hire Our Heroes (HOH) in support of our returning veterans. To accomplish our fundraising goal, Wines of America has created a special label release of four of our most popular and affordable wines in which Wines of America will donate 10% USD of every bottle sold to HOH.

Founded in 2013, HOH is a non- profit organization operated and founded by veterans for veterans. We want to capture each veteran one year preceding their discharge. This way we can Train, Mentor and Coach them on 'in demand' skill sets needed to compete in the job market. HOH works to construct a National approach to lower Veteran unemployment...